Today has been a long old day. We began at 3.30am on Sunday, have travelled for 21 hours and it’s still only 6.40pm on Sunday.

The flights weren’t as bad as expected (Iberia have a dearth of in-flight entertainment – H:”that was actually the worst film I’ve ever seen”) and were brightened up by spectacular views of the Amazon and the Andes and by a conversation with a bilingual drunk who got himself into a spot of bother with the crew.

Lima seems sprawling and smoggy through a taxi window, but luckily we have a lovely place to stay courtesy of another bit of great Unwin organisation. We now feel just a little tipsy after being fed shots of some kind of pisco sour drink on arrival. Now to attempt to stay up for a few hours more.

As Babs would say,”it’s all about the body clock now!”

Buenas noches!

6 Comments to “Taxis, planes, drunks and a fruity sour welcome”

  • Hooray for safe arrival! What’s the weather like — can you even tell through the jet lag?

    • The weather was about 19c and cloudy when we arrived. Cooler tonight but the long trip has pretty much done for us. More tomorrow when we’re a bit more human!

  • Yay!!! so glad you’re there – now the adventure begins (and well done on tolerating Iberia!)

    would love to say buenas noches but i’m on nights – so def not a buena noche!


  • 19c means nothing to us, so thank goodness for conversion widgets. So excited to hear about your adventures! Photo is priceless, by the way! xoxo

  • Hurrah glad you arrived safely and you got to the accommodation ok xxx

  • stay safe..keep your wits about you.. sleep eat and play welll…