A little over a week ago we arrived in Kuala Lumpur with just under a month to kill before some of our family and friends arrive for New Year in Bali. We’d reached the Malaysian capital on yet another bus, sweeping up the motorway from Melaka and, having no reservation for somewhere to stay, spent a hot hour trudging around grubby Chinatown looking for a place to bed down for a few days’ worth of planning for our next moves. After visiting a few less than attractive propositions – the Lonely Planet recommendation can only be described as a “crack den” – we finally settled on a reasonably clean windowless hotel room in a faceless inn on Pentang Street (where anything can be faked including, we suspected, some of the meat).

It was here that it finally struck us that we had to stop moving. After almost four months in place after place we wanted to settle down to some sort of routine. In the hot KL rain, we wanted some sun, sea and surf. So, with acknowledgement of our fortunate situation, we have retreated to Bali early. We have struck a great deal with a pleasant Belgium chap called Wim and are staying in his lovely villa near Brawa beach. Surf lessons, reading and yoga are on the agenda.


We know that the festive season and wild weather is upon home, so we will keep the weather conditions here fairly quiet. Best wishes to you all.


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  • Alright for some!! Have a great Christmas and new year.

    Best wishes