We’ve had plenty of fun with modes of transport recently. In Buenos Aires on Wednesday for example, our last South American taxi ride was characteristically terrifying, including as it did an 80mph race down the hard shoulder to avoid a jam, ridiculous overtaking in the airport car park and a moment where we casually ran over someone’s foot. Next, out time-travel flight to Sydney was a dream. Aboard a 747 with an exterior painted up to make it look like a giant red flying didgeridoo, we were unexpectedly seated in premium economy (extra legroom, bigger seats…wooo!) and thoroughly impressed with the Qantas experience. Hot chocolate with marshmallows? Where was that on Iberia?


We arrived in Sydney having gone forward in time, although all this really meant that was we went to bed and woke up exceptionally early the next day. Staying in the Potts Point area, we revelled in the organisational opportunities English-speaking could suddenly bring. We could scrub up, get a haircut, understand the news and offer ourselves as witnesses to a car accident. All that time and crazy driving in South America, and it happens here within 12 hours of arriving…

By sheer coincidence, we are lucky to be in Sydney at the same time as our friends Lucy and Nick, who are holidaying in Australia with their two young daughters, Ella and Thea, and Lucy’s mum Isabelle. Fortunately for us, they have invited us to stay with them for a few nights in the house they’ve rented in the Darlinghurst, and after the dorms and communal living of the last weeks, this is heaven! So, on Saturday we struck out for a family day out across the harbour at Manly.


Crossing the water on the ferry, the beauty of Sydney’s harbour, with the bridge and Opera House was stunning. However, it wasn’t long before we were shrouded in incoming fog and the day began to turn into a series of public transport links, including trains and seemingly endless buses. For some great pictures, and the story of how we ended up at the iconic Bondi beach, take a look at Nick’s blog by clicking here.


In a couple of days we’ll be taking charge of our Aussie campervan, and finally we’ll be in charge of our own transportation for a while…

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