Perito Moreno Glacier in Southern Argentina is like nothing I´ve ever seen. Nestled in the snow-capped mountains of Patagonia, near the town of El Calafate, it´s one of only a few glaciers that are actually growing. This means the sounds are almost as impressive as the sights – groaning, creaking, cracking and sometimes sounding as though canons are firing in the distance.

It´s a blue and white wall of jagged ice, like Superman´s ice cave (Fortress of Solitude), glistening in the sun. It´s like being a tiny person living in the icing on mum´s Christmas cake, or if you´ve ever seen the penny falls arcade game (coins on moving ledges which fall off now and again) – it was like that, but bigger…and frozen.


And when bits do drop off, it´s breath-taking. The most impressive must have been the size of a house. It looked as though it was in slow motion as it sheared off and plummeted into the icy water below, causing huge icebergs to roll into each other, and leaving an icy blue gap where it had once been.

We spent a whole day on the walkways in the park, eyes glued to the glacier in case we missed something. Who knew watching ice move could be so much fun?!  

Bird on Chilean fire bush


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  • Fantastic photographs!!!!