Helen’s Footwear Says It All

Helen certainly wears her heart on her toes. Not only do you get great travel advice, quality luggage and the odd drink or two out of Anna and Miles, the lovely Unwins have provided Helen with some more than apt footwear for the beach! What you can’t see from the photo is her smile…


5 Comments to “Helen’s Footwear Says It All”

  • I am very excited for the start of your trip, and to follow you on your blog. However, I’ve always thought of you as the Leddles. Can you please get that URL and redirect it to yours? Thanks.

  • Alas Matt, I’ve pretty much run out of geek hours for more URL fetching (and being a bit of a novice these things take me a while – really need to get packing…) I guess you’ll just have to bookmark us as Brickwicks! Thanks for helping me test out facebook integration though, which seems to work.

  • Plus, now the original url is broken so, for anyone interested, the post is now here: http://wp.me/p1K6gq-1B

  • impressive web site, Paul!

  • Keep up the family writing standard now Paul!