Taking the Pisco…

Friday night was a big(ish) night for football in Peru – the Copa America semi-finalists vs neighbouring Bolivia. So we thought we´d head to a local Pizzaria to watch. Only one problemo – Peruvian wiring is almost as dodgy as the plumbing, meaning that every time the blender was used, it looked like the match was snowed off. This wouldn´t be an issue at home but here the blender is a well-used kitchen appliance, mainly to mix up Peru´s national drink the Pisco Sour. Fortunately, it tastes fantastic (most of the time), so nobody complained too much, not least because Peru salvaged a draw in the last couple of minutes…or at least we think so!

Football with blender

Football - without blender

Oh and while we’re on the subject of wiring and plumbing, this is what £4.50 gets you in Bolivia:


One Comment to “Taking the Pisco…”

  • Hope you know how to make a pisco sour to take me off the tequila. Glad to know that £4.50 will keep you smelling sweet even if electrically challenged!