The Perils of Paradise – Koh Rong

The Perils of Paradise – Koh Rong

What makes a "paradise island"? A beautiful, white sandy beach? Warm, perfectly clear sea, complete with shoals of playful tropical fish? Wooden bungalows that look out over long stretches of unspoilt and virtually uninhabited coastline? A bit of jungle in ...

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang

It's still the mid-nineteenth century in the Old Town in Luang Prabang. At least that's what they like you to think. One of the more upmarket bars even advertises itself as taking you "back to the elegant good old days, ...

Gliding Through Jewels and Jade – Halong Bay

Gliding Through Jewels and Jade – Halong Bay

We'd been warned, but the weather was a bit of a suprise, to be honest. From the warm stickiness of Saigon and the Mekong Delta, arriving in Hanoi in Northern Vietnam was a little like arriving to a late Autumn ...

Faces of Tet – A Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Faces of Tet – A Vietnamese Lunar New Year

For the last week, Saigon has been filling with flowers. As the numbers of Westerners diminish and the hotels and restaurants become crowded with revisiting expat Vietnamese and those taking an early holiday, the signs have been abound that the ...

New Friends – Allambie

New Friends – Allambie

Never ones to over sell things, 'amazing' is a word we try not to use too casually. However, our time in Saigon has truly been 'amazing', thanks to our new friends from Allambie Orphanage [caption id="attachment_1001" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Clockwise ...

Satays-faction – Bali Asli Cookery School

Satays-faction – Bali Asli Cookery School

Since we were joined for New Year in Bali by some of our family and friends, we've been eating, drinking and generally making merry in the Seminak area. Our retreat, which was refreshing in so many ways, is over and ...

Rain and Rest With Friends – Melbourne

Rain and Rest With Friends – Melbourne

One aspect of long-term travelling that we perhaps hadn't anticipated, but which makes total sense when you consider it, is the fact that when you get to a place of comfort, you feel a magnetic pull just to stay there ...

Whales And Wales – Puerto Madryn

Whales And Wales – Puerto Madryn

For a nineteenth century Welsh immigrant arriving in Puerto Madryn after two months on a boat, the landscape of their new Patagonian home must have been quite a disappointment. The miles and miles of flat and featureless shrubland would surely ...

Perito Moreno Glacier – It´s Cracking!

Perito Moreno Glacier – It´s Cracking!

Perito Moreno Glacier in Southern Argentina is like nothing I´ve ever seen. Nestled in the snow-capped mountains of Patagonia, near the town of El Calafate, it´s one of only a few glaciers that are actually growing. This means the sounds ...

Portraits of Uruguay

Portraits of Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay... Colonia, Uruguay... Oh, and we went to the Museo del Fútbol at the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo - the home of the very first world cup...

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Now that we’ve safely returned to good ol’ Blighty (quite a culture shock already), we thought we’d share some of the stranger things we managed to snap on our way around South America, Australia and South East Asia. Look closely…                      

Steak in BA: AMAZING!

Our Patagonian adventures and all those mammoth bus rides took their toll on us on our return to Buenos Aires. In a city that seems literally never to sleep, being tired can be a problem. Thus, when we turned up at our booked hostel, which smelled markedly of feet, armpits and sleep, it was with a great deal of effort […]

Hot dog

Buenos Aires is undoubtedly a fantastic city, and Argentina has certainly had a great deal to offer, but for those of us only here short term (less than seven days,) the city in particular offers some confusing and tricky social and dietary arrangements. Timekeeping and a daily schedule is perhaps the most flummoxing for the short-stayers. Residents of Argentina (and […]

Whale tail

For a nineteenth century Welsh immigrant arriving in Puerto Madryn after two months on a boat, the landscape of their new Patagonian home must have been quite a disappointment. The miles and miles of flat and featureless shrubland would surely not have been a patch on the Welsh valleys they left. Nevertheless, a small group did arrive in 1865 and […]

pbtrek 007

Two things are immediately striking about Patagonia: they have some of the slowest, most careful drivers in South America and the sky seems unusually big. The long and straight bus from El Calafate to the small hiking resort town of El Chalten allowed us to appreciate both as the sun went down. There are numerous trails to try from El […]


Buenos Aires looked spectacular from the moment we stepped out on the deck of the ferry and saw the skyline across the darkness of the River Plate. It didn’t fail to live up to expectations. European in style and architecture, but built on a typically American grid, Buenos Aires was formally introduced to us through a bicycle tour on our […]


For a very laid back and friendly nation, Uruguayans have quite a few obsessions. Like the other areas of South America with a strong connection to the gaucho culture, (most notably Argentina and Paraguay) agriculture, and in particular the production and consumption of meat, is both economically and culturally fundamental in Uruguay. In Montevideo, and we expect more of the […]

pb 005

It can be tricky to write about our travels without making it seen like are gushing, moaning, worrying or gluttonous. The very nature of the tour we´re on calls for at least one, if not all of these characteristics almost every day. “Oh no, another 20 hour bus journey! Oh, but the sights are just spectacularly wonderful! Oh, but what […]


Brazil loves its buses. Not in the same way that Peru loves buses, with their cracked windscreens, dodgy sandwiches and terrifying overtaking. Not in the same way that Bolivia loves buses, with their cliff-hugging ruggedness, wild temperature swings and unfathomable toilet stops. Not even in the same way that Argentina loves buses, with (as yet unconfirmed) reports of their wine […]


When you arrive at your destination for a tour and get out of a van-bus to see a bare-chested guy pointing a submachine-gun at passers by, you know you’re in an interesting place. Whilst this was the case as we arrived in Rochina, Rios biggest favela by population with around 250,000 residents, we were pretty sure we would be safe. […]

pb 001

There was a painfully recognisable fact in the departures lounge at Salta Airport in Argentina: the number if people on our flight to Puerto Iguazu totalled exactly 18 – the number of passengers needed to fill a plane the same size as that of our nightmare flight to Rurrenabaque in Bolivia last month. Out of the window we could see […]


The further we go,the more extremes we find in South America. Setting off from Uyuni at 6am last Sunday we shivered our way towards Tupiza in freezing temperatures. Typically Bolivian, the bus ran late and the windows were jammed open, necessitating hats, scarfs and hoods. After an hour and a half’s unexplained and unnecessary break in the less than enchanting […]


Bolivia can make you dizzy. The speed with which you can be spun around from despair at the infrastructure, facilities, occasional attitudes and cleanliness, to sheer awe at the scenery and natural wonder, can leave even the most hardy traveller reeling somewhat. Just over a week earlier, we had been in a warm, sticky jungle environment, teeming with life. In […]

pboruro 005

Oruro seems to have a reputation for two things – folkloria and strikes. We have seen both here in our two rather long days with little to do except wait for the train to Uyuni. When we turned up on Sunday, a Carnival was in full flow, undampened by the rain and impending thunderstorm. These parades seem to happen rather […]

Howler monkeys in the trees of the Madidi

  Rurrenabaque is full of travel agencies offering tours to the Bolivian jungle in the relatively untouched and pristine Parque Nacional Madidi. Of course, just getting to Rurrenabaque had been a crazy and terrifying experience in itself, but we knew that when we arrived we wanted to visit the jungle with help from a community based eco-lodge. After some shopping around, we […]


We nearly didn´t get back on. A short flight had seemed far more preferable than a 21-hour pothole-fest of a bus from La Paz to our jungle jump-off point of Rurrenabaque. But it was, in short, one of the most terrifying experiences either of us have ever had. All had gone smoothly at first: picked up from our hostel, driven […]

La Paz By Night

We like La Paz. It’s hard work walking anywhere for more than a couple of minutes, given that we’re at over 13,300 feet, but the hustle and bustle of the high life here is worth getting out of breath for. Not that it started that well. Our first hostel (rated número uno on Trip Advisor, mind you) was pretty poor. […]

crossings 002

We waved adios to Peru on a three-hour bus from Puno. Tracing the edge of the vast Lake Titicaca we crossed the Bolivian border, walking through the no-man’s land populated with yet more stalls attended to by bowler-hatted ladies and money exchanges reminding us that the days of the Peruvian Sole were over, and that thinking in Bolivianos was now […]

Ceviche - amazing

Let’s talk about food. It’s about time. Enough of this running up and down mountains and canyons. Enough of this getting on never-ending buses. We need sustenance! So as we prepare to leave Peru, it’s time we had it out about Peruvian food. For Peruvians too, it seems that food is very important. Here we have consistently been informed that […]

Imagen 008

“Avoid the ones who employ the pretty girls,” was the advice from Alexandra, the talkative Dutch lady owner of our hostel, “they don’t know what they’re talking about and you’ll end up on a bus for a day with people who don’t know better.” She was, of course, talking about tour operators, of which Arequipa is awash, and tours which […]