August 30th is a day of celebration in Peru. We’re not too sure why, but we know it’s something to do with Santa Rosa de Lima. Google it (we haven’t).


What we do know is that in Arequipa, where we’re staying at the moment, this celebration causes otherwise serious military policemen to launch fireworks across the street without so much as an ‘hola hola hola’ as ignorant gringos such as us meander down the street in search of an evening meal.


Today, as a special treat, we were again meandering (we do a lot of that) when a whole troupe of (presumably rather hungover) military policemen suddenly sprinted along and lined the street. This was followed by a particularly reverential parade, complete with marching band, an effigy of said saint and numerous highly polished belt buckles.


When the procession had passed, we made our way to one of Arequipa’s top attractions – the Santa Catalina Monastery. Click on the link to find out more, if you like. Otherwise, do what we did. Have a good look at the Spanish Colonial architecture, built from the volcanic rock produced by the ominous looking active volcano in the background.

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2 Comments to “Santa Rosa, Fireworks and Nuns”

  • What happened to their pet llama? We stayed in the disused monastery when stayed ther last.
    Do you wish you are back on sea level yet? And how much coca leaves have you chewed?

  • Lovely photos xx